Tommy the Toreador (1959)

The film is a vehicle for British singer Tommy Steele to exploit his hit song ‘Little White Bull.’

Tommy the sailor gets mistaken replaces a bullfighter when he arrives in Spain and everybody falls over a lot.

An excellent supporting cast includes Sid James, Bernard Cribbins, Kenneth Williams, Eric Sykes and Warren Mitchell (all except Williams playing Spaniards), as well as experienced Spanish actors such as José Nieto.

The film begins with images of the Seville Fair (Feria de Sevilla) an annual event held usually in April when the people of Sevilla dress up in traditional costumes and flamenco music, horses and sherry are the attractions.

When Tommy and Amanda ride on top of a bull truck for the second time, we see a road sign for Alcalá de Guadaira and then its imposing hilltop castle. Much of the action was shot there, especially in and around the Hotel Oromana, which is still there today.