Fine Gold (1989)

A strange film, and one aimed at showcasing Rioja wine for the American markets by creating a Spanish version of ‘Falcon Crest’ featuring a 74-year-old Stewart Granger and that nasty lizard from the TV series V called Diana, Jane Badler in human form. The inevitable rivalry between two vineyards is the plot, with a lot of wine being drunk.

Filmed around the vineyards of La Rioja, the main attraction visually is the castle of Sajazarra, which belonged and belongs to the wine company that produced the film, and to its owner Marcos Eguizábel, who treated himself to two cameo appearances as a chauffeur and as a client of the vineyard.

Spanish director José Antonio de la Loma, who was working in Hollywood at the time, directed, and a habitual Spanish actor in Anglo-American films Simón Andreu also appears, as he would many years later with Martin Sheen in ‘The Way’.