Star Knight (1985)

Although a Spanish production, Star Knight was filmed in English with international stars Harvey Keitel and Klaus Kinski, two characters filled with angst among an angst-filled cast where only the solid, sturdy presence of the castle, around which all the action takes place, saves the day.

Medieval knights, dragons, spacemen; the only player missing is David Bowie, but Spain’s equivalent, singer Miguel Bosé, puts that right with an ethereal performance.

Kinski is an alchemist searching for the secret of eternal youth, while Kietel merely wishes to be made a knight, to slay a dragon and claim the Count’s daughter as his rightful prize. Spanish actor Fernando Rey plays the priest, opposed to everything except tithes, and anxious that nobody else achieves their goals.

This is a film that has everything, even a Green Knight defending a bridge incompetently.