The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)

Catalonia and Mallorca were among the locations employed for scenes with the Cyclops and a dragon.

According to cinematographer Wilkie Cooper: “shooting on ‘The 7th Voyage of Sinbad’commenced in the beautiful Palace of Alhambra in Granada, a setting straight out of a fairy tale.” And in fact the palace represented exotic Baghdad in the film. 

Our first glimpse occurs when Sinbad and Parisa arrive at the palace after their voyage carried by bearers; we can see the Alhambra’s Puerta de Vino, which also appears when Sokurah the magician abandons the city

The production team wasn’t permitted to use the palace grounds in the daylight hours and the volume of tourists meant all interior shots had to be filmed at night.

The pool, entrance porch and noble hall of the house-palace called ‘The Tower of Prince Ismail’ (or ‘Tower of the Ladies’ since the 19th century) were first seen in the romantic scene between Sinbad and Parisa, soon joined by Sokurah, who presents his plans for the giant crossbow. 

This location was redressed for the crowded palace scenes in which Parisa and her father arrive to join the Caliph. 

The prison scene was filmed in the Patio de los Aljibes, behind which we can see the Torre de las Armas and the Torre del Homenaje. The courtyard, backed by the Towers of Alcazaba, served as the prison yard in which Sinbad recruits his villainous crew. 

The night time party with the courtesans, during which a woman and a snake are merged, takes place in the Patio de los Arrayanes.

When Sinbad and Parisa sit next to a pool with a stone lion spouting water, and she leans against a statue, they are in front of the entrance to the Palacio del Partal (also known as the Torre de las Damas). This is also where the Caliph is informed that his daughter has been shrunk, and in the background we can see the Oratorio.

Princess Parisa is shrunk with the help of a rather smoky candle by Sokurah in the Sala de las Dos Hermanas. Sinbad crosses the Patio de los Leones when he runs to her aid, and when he speaks to her we can see the Mirador de Lindajara.

The discussion between Sinbad, Sokurah and the Caliph about Sinbad’s journey also takes place in the Palcio del Partal entrance.