Fathom (1967) Mijas


Raquel Welch surprises us all by toting a bikini in this frivolous film shot along the Malaga beaches of Torremolinos, Mijas, Nerja (where Raquel is serenaded down some steps by youngsters playing Flamenco music) as she descends ‘la Cuesta de la Calahonda’ towards Playa Calahonda. 

Skydivers, spies and Chinese villains stealing atomic bombs are all mere backdrop for the real plot, which is Raquel’s body.

And, just in case you weren’t sure that this was filmed in Spain, Raquel gets chased and knocked down by a bull in a bullring!

When Raquel goes horse riding with Anthony (is he the villain, is he the hero?) Franciosa, after they drop a body off a cliff, he drops her off in Mijas, with the castle clearly visible just to the left of the town.