The Story of David (1976)

And once again David beats Goliath in injury time. Young David is played by Timothy Bottoms, and older David, in the second half, filmed in Almeria, by Keith Mitchell. The first part was shot in Israel.

The old El Condor fort was remodelled for its adaptation as a much older castle, and the much older Alcazaba palace in Almeria capital became Jerusalem.

We see the Alcazaba as David’s men,all five of them, storm the walls, in a film seriously short of extras, and later he arrives, apparently in his pyjamas, for some Dervish-like swirling celebrations.

Later David starts his decline into sin, starting with a young girl who berates him about her pregnancy as he reclines with soothing views of the walls and battlements.

The last 50 minutes of the film, as David declines further, events unfold, and are seen from and from below the battlements.