The Honey Killer (2011)

Love and murder in the torrid heat of Málaga province, where Darryl, Rik and Janine find their destinies.

Richard Harrison, Director, Co-writer and Producer of The Honey Killer from Razor Films in London told us that the film was made in Ronda, Montejaque and Gaucín in Malaga province in August 2008. 

The bar where Darryl meets Rik was found by accident just 24 hours before it was filmed and the bar owner, Francisco Santana actually plays himself.

The bar is supposedly situated in the village, near which Darryl has rented a villa, which is Gaucín, with its white houses and castle looming above.

The village and castle are seen four times in long shots while Rik and Darryl make their way to the villa to deal with Janine.