It started With a Kiss (1959)

Once again American film makers show their amusing attitude towards Spanish geography. After a less than romantic night in Granada, the next morning Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds pass through Segovia, where they inspire the envy of Antonio the bullfighter (envy for Ford’s car that is) as they drive through the town, past the magnificent castle perched above andunder the Roman aqueduct. Quite a detour considering their destination is Madrid.

During filming they ran into the cast of Spartacus, who were also staying at the Castellana Hilton (now Intercontinental) Hotel.

After picking up a flash American car at Cádiz docks, they drive to Granada and stay in a hotel overlooking the city, with views of the Alhambra. They get dragged into a wedding celebration there and end up in pyjamas in the bath, but not in a nice way.