Bloodbath (1979)

Dennis Hopper answers the question: “whatever happened to all the damaged hippies after ‘Easy Rider’?” playing a character called ‘Chicken’ in a film made at various Almerian locations such as Bedar and Mojácar.
A bunch of has-been expats have found the ‘real Spain’; locals rehearsing for ‘The Walking Dead’, slitting pigs’ throats and fulfilling their roles as backdrops in black, accompanying donkeys while largely ignoring the film’s ‘characters’.
The omnipresent (its even on the film’s poster) ruined tower overlooking the sea is the Torre del Pirulico, sometimes called the Torre del Peñon, and the nearby Castillo de Macenas appears as the dwelling of the young black man who takes the young gay man there on a donkey to ‘consumate’ their relationship.
The film’s writer was Gonzalo Suárez, and the director was Canadian Silvio Narizzano, better known for the British classic Georgy Girl.