The Pleasure Seekers (1964) Alcazar

Set in Madrid, starring Ann Margaret, and with the inevitable scenes inside the Prado Museum to add a touch of class with views of El Greco and Velasquez master-pieces, the best moment is undoubtedly the all too brief appearance of the great Flamenco dancer Antonio Gades.

It is the tale of three American girls seeking love with a Latin touch. Some say that Woody Allen borrowed stuff for the plot in his film ‘Vicky, Christina, Barcelona’, and like the brief visit to Oviedo in Allen’s film, this one contains a brief trip to Segovia,whose aqueduct appears over the opening credits.

When one of the girls agrees to visit Toledo with a beau, she takes the other along as chaperone; but they separate and one ends up picnicking below the Alcázar of Segovia, while the other has a good view of the city of Toledo with its own Alcázar. Alcázar actually means ‘the castle’ in Arabic.