Black Jack (1950)

War makes men bitter, but a good woman will melt their hearts and turn them away from a life of crime.

 Nicaresco, an immoral ship’s Captain comes ashore at Torrent de Pareis and then walks to Palma; a heroic feat if we know our geography.

He comes across George Sanders, painting to forget the war and flame-throwers, whose first words are “there’s something about Spanish architecture that gets me.”

Clearly this is a complex character, who quotes the Ancient Greeks as he drifts towards a clear conscience and death..

 We see the castle four times; three times in the distance, when Sander’s boat leaves harbour to check out the refugee ship, when he chases Nicaresco, recently turned mass murderer, through the harbour, and when the police set off to chase and kill poor George, who would return many years later to Spain to commit suicide.

The best view however is when Mrs Burg arrives by plane and announces that she always wanted to buy a Spanish castle, as she circles above it