Soldier of God (2005)

A very politically correct film about Muslims and Crusaders, made in California, where everyone gets on so well because of the nice weather, but with some scenes shot in Spain, which is also a very friendly country, where there have been no religious wars for a very long time.

The Spanish scenes were shot in Malaga province, notably in the Gibralfaro Castle, which takes on the role of Syria in the XII century. The scenes shot here on the 14th June 2004, and seen at the beginning of the film, narrate the arrival of a Templar Knight, Tim Abell, in 1187, to announce the coming war with Saladin.

We see the same castle in some flashbacks, such as when the Templar Knight arrives at an Arab women’s tent. The castle should look pretty new in the film, as it was actually built in the X century, and still looks pretty good today in fact.