Duck You Sucker/ A Fistful of Dynamite (1971)

This film was Sergio Leone’s last western, and one whose two titles emphasise some of the confusion surrounding its making.

Once again Leone indulges in repeated musical themes, slow motion and excessively long close-ups. Fortunately the symbolism is more under control, except in the opening scene with Steiger pissing on an ants’ nest.

James Coburn (Sean), who cleverly plays an IRA explosives expert before the IRA even existed, and Rod Steiger (Juan) star in a film, at all the usual locations and a few less popular locations more.

In the Valle de Rodalquilar, at the foot of the Cabo de Gata mountain range is the tower (Torre) de los Alumbres, where Sean blows up a church full of soldiers with a few dollars more worth of dynamite.