La Rioja

Sajazarra Castle

The 15th century castle of Sajazarra, like all castles, has its legends, one of them being that in the 15th century, one Juan Martínez from Alfaro was held prisoner in the castle and was freed thanks to the divine intervention of the Virgen de Vico.
The main tower collapsed in 1956 and was restored between 1970 and 1971 without any virginal collaboration, as far as is known.
The village of Sajazarra is a pleasant surprise, and possibly one of the most beautiful and well looked after in Spain.
Its cobbled streets, well kept gardens, bright flower arrangements, bubbling stream and Oxfordian sandstone buildings all add to an atmosphere of golden, olden days gone by, with the castle being the cream on the cake, located right in the middle of the village rather than looming above it.