The Castilian (1963) Peñafiel

After ripping off El Cid again by having Fernán González forced into killing his girlfriend the Infanta of Navarre’s father, the funeral cortege takes us on a curious trip, passing in front of the spectacular hilltop castle of Peñafiel, before entering the church of Santo Domingo, located in the centre of the city of Soria, with glimpses of the Monastery of San Saturio, on the outskirts of the city, before entering the caves of the ‘Hermitage’ of San Saturio, inside the monastery on the banks of the river Duero. A complicated journey.
Just to complicate things even more, when Fernán is captured in a cowardly way by the new King of Navarra, he is imprisoned in “Peñafiel, deep in the heart of Navarra”, which looks much smaller when seen sideways.