The Promise (2016)

The Promise (2016)

Christian Bale, who first filmed in Spain as a boy in Spielberg’s ‘Empire of the Sun’, returns once more to participate in a film about the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Armenians.

Among the locations was the town of Albarracín, whose castle walls give it that special Turkish delight, and whose main square was transformed into a typical Turkish market.

Albarracín represents Sirun, the hometown of Mikael, the Armenian medical student who travels to Istanbul to study, and is seen in full profile every time he leaves or returns there.

A few blue domes were added for authenticity’s sake, although the meandering walls didn’t need much of a makeover.

The main buildings were started by the Arabs in the X century. They controlled the town until the arrival of King Pedro III of Aragon, who after a successful siege, reformed the castle considerably.

It was last occupied by the soldiers of King Felipe II, since when it has been abandoned.