San Servando

San Servando

When King Alfonso VI took Toledo from the Muslims in 1085, he turned the castle, dedicated to the saints Servando and Germán, over to the Templar Knights, in thanks for saving his life at the battle of Sagrajas, a defeat that, in the film El Cid, he blames on El Cid for not helping him.

The castle has the great advantage of being haunted, by one Lorenzo de Cañada, a soldier in the reign of King Felipe II, who continues to patrol the castle to this day. The castle now operates as a youth hostel, with 25 rooms. One of the hostel rooms, T 4, is not usually available as it is supposed to be haunted. Some unhygienic spectre dedicates its time to unrolling toilet paper, guests who feel somebody else sitting on their beds, sheets with a life of their own, strange lights and sounds.

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