RM Viñuelas


The XVII century Viñuelas castle stands in the middle of a large estate populated by very passive herds of deer, who give the impression that they haven’t been shot at in a long time, despite the fact that the owners offer hunting as one of their attractions, along with weddings (perhaps of the shotgun variety) and sundry banquets.

The building was once owned by the Holy Roman Emperor, Carlos I, who sold it to Arias Pardo de Saavedra, Mariscal de Castilla, for the enticing sum of 42 cuentos and 24,572 maravedíes, along with a stipend of 3,000 and, inevitably, 7 sheep per year.

The four towers were added in 1697.

The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco briefly employed it as his residence at the end of the 1930s.