Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing (1973) Pedraza

As Maggie Smith and Timothy Bottoms frolic among the mountains of central Spain, she trips and is whisked away by a Spanish ‘Duke’ on his horse (played by a genuine Spanish aristocrat Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón).
He takes her to his castle, which he calls the castle of Aragón, and tries to seduce her with some typical noble past times such as whipping balloons.
They breakfast inside the castle, where a servant appears punctually from a hole in the ground every time the Duke blows his whistle, proving that servitude is alive and well in Spain.
The castle appears several times both before and after the meeting with the Duke.
Tim and Maggie wander through a market, set in the main square of Pedraza, which had previously been used as a different location for the first stop of the tour bus after Bottoms boards, and he buys her a dress, which she will wear to visit the Duke, provoking Bottoms’ jealous rage (again).
After leaving Pedraza, the castle and the Duke, they find resignation among the fountains of La Granja royal palace.