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Currently the castle is a ruin.
We were given a guided tour by José Emilio Cuerva of SOS Aurelio, a group of local people attempting to save this spectacular location from further deterioration.
There has been a settlement since the Bronze Age, with the Romans taking over around 170 AD.
In 1085 Alfonso VI took Toledo, and among the spoils was Oreja, a strategic castle overlooking the River Tajo valley.
In 1108 the Christians lost the Battle of Uclés and by 1113 the castle was once again under Muslim control.
Alfonso VII recovered it on 31st October 1139 after a lengthy siege lasting 18 months.
Following the Battle of Alarcos in 1197, Alfonso VIII lost to the Muslims, although they couldn’t take Oreja, which in 1171 had been given to the Order of Santiago.