Meals on Wheels (1984)

When everybody else was obsessing about George Orwell, and before he became world famous, Jackie Chan made the first of two films that he shot in Barcelona.

The opening credits make it clear where we are with the impressive image of the emblematic Sagrada Familia cathedral. We return there later among the cathedral’s towers for the scene where the English gentleman in his bowler hat finally meets the girl and is held upside down over the edge by Jackie and his cohort.

He and his friends sell food on the streets of the city, although the city is in reality the Poble Espanyol theme park on Montjuich, where they sort out some villainous motorbike hoods, and where the girl is kidnapped for the first time.

The climax of the film takes place at the Castillo de La Roca des Vallès, where they finally face the evil villain (actually the Spanish actor Pepe Sancho). 

We are treated to a detailed guided tour of all the castle’s nooks and crannies, especially as Jackie and his two cohorts each choose a different method of getting inside to get at the villains.