Alien Predator (1985)

Usually when people go on holiday to Spain, the last thing they want is to be pursued by alien predators; much better to take advantage of all the exciting adventure sports that Spain has to offer. Unless that is you actually like being eaten alive, in which case specialist travel agencies are available.

The cause of all the trouble is a Skylab craft which has crashed near a small Spanish village, although a nearby castle is a secret NASA base, as is often the case.

Filming took place around Madrid, and especially in Chinchón, where the famous main square was used.

Possibly the worst film ever made, a poor man’s ‘Alien,’ similar to just about every film where humans are possessed by aliens and turned into mincemeat.

The young (but that’s really no excuse) American trio arrive at the village of Duarte, played, mostly in darkness, by Chinchón, whose beautiful circular main square is not shown to its best advantage during unimpressive car chases.

Chinchón’s castle represents the NASA centre, where Michael has to go to find an anti-alien serum. The bridge over the moat appears various times, and a good shot of the whole castle is seen three minutes into the film among grazing cows and the ominous words ‘Five Years Later’.