El Cid (1961) Peñiscola


The city of Valencia has a statue of El Cid, as well as an avenue and an underground station bearing his name. Nevertheless, in the film El Cid, Valencia is not Valencia at all, but the seaside resort of Peñiscola in Castellón province.

Valencia is where El Cid will die a hero’s death, defending the city from the evil Moors with the help of the good Moors.

All this happened in 1094, and as Valencia is not Valencia in the film, neither is the story a reflection of the facts.

The real El Cid survived the battle and died 5 years later, and the city was retaken by the Moors a few years afterwards.

The fact that Peñiscola castle dates from the 13th and 14th centuries is surely too nit-picking a point to be of consequence, having been built by Templar Knights between 1294 and 1307.

However, in the Hollywood version we see Cid riding off along the beach, dead but satisfied, having done his duty by leading his soldiers in one of the most unconvincing battle scenes ever made.

In the 4th season of Game of Thrones, Peñiscola becomes Meereen, a city in the Bay of Dragons, where Daenerys Targaryenla arrives to free the slaves.