Doomsday Gun (1994)

Predating Desert Storm, the Iraquis are trying to build a weapon of mass destruction and hiding out in the desert of Almeria to do so. George Bush II must have had this crucial evidence included in his CIA briefs. It does after all purport to be a true story.

A fascinating cast includes Frank Langella, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey, James Fox and Clive Owen.

The Alcazaba castle was used for the scenes where Doctor Bull (Langella) twice meets the Iraqui intelligence people to explain his plans.

After the first meeting he makes his pitch to the Iraquis, some ten minutes into the film, while walking on the battlements, and in the second, about 55 minutes into the film, he is starting to get a bit nervous about Iraqui ethics as he justifies himself in the patio by the pool of the Baños Privados de la Reina.