Masquerade (1965)

Jack Hawkins and Cliff Robertson star in a film about the kidnapping of an oil-rich Arab prince, with a lot of dusty action taking place in and around the castle of Santa Bárbara.

The castle first appears when Cliff is kidnapped and taken there in a wine lorry, which seems to get him drunk, although as he passes the whole film whiskey in hand, that isn’t difficult.

The castle is the HQ of the villains and a lot of the action takes place there, although from the distance there seems to have been some additional bits and pieces added to the original.

The climax of the film takes place around the under construction dam of Guadalest, although the fine castle there doesn’t appear.

The film was made during the Franco dictatorship and he was famous for his dams; so much so that you would often hear him referred to affectionately by his nickname. ‘Dam Franco.”