Bolero (1984)

The main square of Pedraza was used for the first of various scenes with horses and bulls, where Bo Derek first catches sight of Angel, who sells wine and bulls but not horses, astride his horse before he ends up astride someone else.

       Before that, when Bo enters an exotic nightclub in the Kasbah, the portal is in fact the main entrance to Pedraza castle. As Bo enters, a pianist plays ‘As Time Goes By’, just to remind us that this is a quality movie.

       Bo and her peeping husband, director John Derek, take us on a journey around Bo’s body, but with some nice Spanish scenery in between. Bo points out that “my dreams take me beyond infinity”, which is helpful, and the Scottish lawyer with his permanent kilt is another welcome additional to this feast of originality.

We are never sure what part of Spain we are supposed to be in, although the snowy mountains and wide, wind-swept beaches are clearly well north of both the insinuated Andalusia and the real Segovia.