Deadfall (1968)

Deadfall (1968)

Michael Caine is involved with diamonds and thievery in Madrid and Mallorca in a film by Bryan Forbes that is based on a book by Desmond Cory, who himself lived in Cordoba from 1953, marrying a Spanish woman and finally returning to Malaga in 1996, where he lived until his death.

At the beginning of the film we find Caine in a detox clinic, which in reality is the Castillo de Bendinat, a private castle (with a golf course, as is often the case with private), whose construction began in 1855.

The scene where Caine attempts to first rob and then steal a safe, was shot at the Marivent palace in Palma.

Caine scales the facade while the rich owners exit from the front door and then through the main gate of what is now the Majorcan residence of the King of Spain.

Ralli celebrates the robbery by giving Caine a sports car and they drive off to spend a day at some gardens, which are the Jardines de Alfabia, near Bunyola in the centre of the island.

Our thanks to Eva Dominguis for this photo.